0Jack Holmes – Editor-in-Chief

Jack is Intertainment Magazine’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief. He’s an adopted Mancunian who has a passion for blockbusters, publicizing new music, supporting local culture and taking awful neon themed photos. He currently splits his work life between journalism, social media and marketing.

You can read Jack’s articles here.

custom-Custom_Size___facebook-Profile_Picture___0 (1).jpegGeorge Haigh – Deputy Editor-in-Chief

George is our Deputy Editor-in-Chief. He divides his time between Huddersfield in Manchester, although the latter draws his interests much more. When not editing content and pondering over new articles for Intertainment, his time consists of jamming on the guitar, or eclectically seeking out new music. His favourite place is HOME Manchester, his favourite director is Kubrick, but don’t make him decide his favourite Kubrick film.

You can read George’s articles here.

20597208_10207516191421425_6670669807034398377_nDan Broadley – Senior Editor

Daniel is an English and Creative Writing grad Lancashire-man who works in editorial. You’ll most likely find him enjoying a pint and grub in one of the Northern Quarter’s many fine establishments pondering on the latest TV and film.

You can read Dan’s articles here.

21752271_10211413458825447_2239147964199691262_n.jpgCharlie Jordin – Senior Editor

Charlie is a Film and Media Studies graduate who writes film and television reviews, analysis and recommendations. She works in digital communications and lives in Manchester.

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