Camden Rocks Festival Preview

With a little less than two weeks remaining, now is the time to make sure you get your tickets for the ‘tired feet’ extravaganza that is Camden Rocks Festival. It’s one of those days that feels like the circus has come to town that is, instead, much better, much more filled with joy, and that still retains a few clowns here and there. In truth, it’s usually those that drink too much too soon and don’t make it past 6pm.

With approximately 8000 people added to the tramping up and down the High Street on a Saturday afternoon, this day has a vibe that is focused on friendship, adrenaline, a fair bit of sweat and a line-up that boasts a mixture of the best established, nearly-there, and newcomer artists of any one-day festival across the capital.

Whether you want the on-stage energy of Maximo Park, the anger and snarling of PiL, the unbridled energy of Asylums, the sheer joy of Blood Red Shoes, or the chance to see the ‘next big thing’ by accident, this is the day for you.

Strap your boots on, bring your drinking tokens, consider some sunblock, and make sure you don’t miss out on what will be yet another massive day in the series of annual massive days that this festival delivers. Game on.

Camden Rocks Festival takes place on Saturday 2nd June. Grab your tickets now whilst they are still available from where you can also find the full line-up and all festival information.


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