Yeah Buddy DIY @ Aatma, NQ

Photography by Oli Thomas

Yeah Buddy DIY is a “community for the unsigned, independent and DIY music scene.”

The event took place in Aatma, a small and unassuming club down an alley in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Springfield Elementary
The night had an unpretentious and intimate feel to it; the Wednesday night crowd was small but welcoming. In our vain and often self-conscious culture, it was refreshing to see bands perform and have genuine fun in a down-to-earth setting, and the crowd watch enthusiastically in reciprocation. If you’re looking for a care-free night of unprocessed music, Yeah Buddy DIY is the event for you.


The first band to perform was Manchester’s own Springfield Elementary, a fresh-faced, Punk-infused group. Their rhythmic sound kicked off the night with a flourish and galvanised the crowd. Read our interview with Springfield Elementary here.


Fancy Dress Party
With a sound seemingly inspired by ’90s garage rock, Fancy Dress Party gave a brooding performance. Their tight aesthetic and sound stood out and despite the deceleration in tempo, as the crowd were absorbed by their sound.



Idaho Green
An American band kicking off their UK tour, Idaho Green are a charismatic group with an unrelenting energy which flowed effortlessly into the crowd. Touring with Fancy Dress Party, their enthusiasm and confidence were contagious, and it’s easy to imagine this band have a future ahead of them as bright as their outfits.

Image (1)SPQR
By the time SPQR took to the stage, the crowd had unfortunately shrunk, which is a consequence of being the final act. The band seemed unaffected by this, however, and the rich vocals and heavy bass stood out as a highlight of the night.

Keep up to date with Yeah Buddy DIY events with their Facebook and Instagram.


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