Q&A with Springfield Elementary

Following their Yeah Buddy DIY gig, we spoke to Springfield Elementary about the Manchester music scene and their plans for the future.

Could you tell us a bit about how you guys formed your band?

I (Billy) wanted to start a band for ages but for some reason, a drummer who was free was hard to find. So I turned to Facebook and Chris was delivered to me in a mesh basket on my front door. I’ve been good friends with Brad and Liam for years from uni and knew they would always be keen for this and they started jamming with us a couple of weeks later.

Your band name is instantly recognisable- how did you come up with your band name? 
We actually can’t remember how we thought of the name to be honest, probably just came to one of us in the shower or something.


Your performance seemed to blend a variety of genres. Do you think genres and classifying music is still important, or do you think nowadays it doesn’t matter so much?

If you’re in a band you don’t have to classify yourself or go for a specific sound… But I think when people listen to music then tell their friends they always pin a label to it. I wouldn’t say it’s massively important but I guess it’s how people make sense of things.
And for that point, I’d say that genres are quite restricting, so it makes music making that little bit less free, so no, I don’t think genre association within music creation is massively important nowadays.


Do you have long-term plans for your band, or are you focusing on the now?

We’re not thinking too far ahead at the moment. Just trying to write better and better songs, play some more gigs, then more people will be turned on to us when we start touring, and releasing stuff… Which will be very soon!

What do you think of the Manchester music scene for up-and-coming bands?
Manchester has a very eclectic, broad music scene, so there are always groups of people that have similar ideas to you. Most promoters actually like music and are helpful and it’s really easy to put on your own gigs, so it’s a great place to start a band and get exposure. There’s always an appetite for new and interesting music here.
Finally, could you tell us about any upcoming shows you have planned?
We’re putting on our own gig at Fuel in Withington on the 8th of May, we’re really excited cause its the first gig we’ve put on ourselves. We’ve got another new band playing with us called Bleach Body who sound sick! And another band called SPQR who played the other night after us and blew us away… Give us a like on Facebook and we will duly invite you all to our first little party.
Twitter: @springfieldEl
Instagram: @springfieldelementarymcr
Facebook: SpringfieldElementaryMCR

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