Laura Misch @ Gullivers

Laura Misch, the sax-wielding sister of her more mainstream sibling, Tom Misch, treated a packed out Gullivers crowd in Manchester’s Northern Quarter to an intimate gig of jazz fusion and progressive electronic sounds.

The stage was set pretty bare but for the instruments, some basic lighting and a large white sphere hanging near the back of the stage like a mysterious monument from Kubrick’s 2001. Luckily (or unluckily, maybe), it wasn’t an extraterrestrial structure, but instead, it served as a surface for projections which, throughout the show, provided some easy on the eye visuals.

Misch was supported by Layfullstop, a soulful vocalist who sang over a selection of pre-recorded beats to warm the crowd up. Her performance, however, was more than just a warm up as Layfullstop’s passionate combination of soul, jazz and hip-hop heavy beats -at times, reminiscent of Erykah Badu – came through in her unique vocals and raw musical talent. Layfullstop’s The Blue Compilation is available to listen to and purchase via her Soundcloud and Band Camp.

After a short break, Laura Misch took to the stage. Those in the crowd who hadn’t seen Laura perform live before were eager to see how she would perform on her own. She did this by live looping, which is the process of live recording a short melody before looping it, playing it back and recording more over it to create a full, multi-instrumental and vocal song with just one person.

And Laura Misch is one talented ‘live-looper’. It’s a method that has become increasingly popular but not many can quite do it to the standard that Misch does, who made use of her sax, recorder and keys, not to mention her mesmerising voice.

Misch’s one-woman production saw her play through her tracks Flow, Daylight, Skip, This Road along with other tracks from her LP Playground. Her songs come across differently live through her performing them via live-looping, which offered a more progressive feel to her soulful jazz numbers.

In the dimly lit aftermath of her show, we caught a quick word with Laura and asked her for her thoughts on her music and, of course, about the sphere.

Misch said she brought in the sphere to add to the atmosphere, admitting that she is herself quite shy and wanted something big and expressive to add to the show. On her music, particularly 2017’s EP Playground, she spoke of the nostalgic reminder for childhood from the album and built-up warming chords via looping with lots of hip-hop beats.

See below for Laura Misch’s Playground and some pics from the night.




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