Antwerp Mansion closing down

The popular Rusholme venue Antwerp Mansion has been issued a closure notice by Manchester City Council. Known for its alternative club nights – techno, drum and bass, house and bassline, the venue has become a staple for nights out for many students in South Manchester.

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The news was announced to the shock of many on Saturday afternoon, with many taking to Twitter and Facebook to convey their disappointment. Having been running for seven years, many associated DJ’s paid tribute to Antwerp – with some criticising the council’s decision.

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Warehouse Project and Parklife Co-Founder Sacha Lord expressed a concern for Manchester’s nightlife, with Antwerp’s closure inevitably resulting in job losses of bar staff, security, sound engineers, as well as others.

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We understand that there is yet to be any plans to try and revert the decision, and the council have yet to give further information on their reasons to issue a closure notice.

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