The Black Mirror Dogs Are Here

For anyone who’s seen the latest series of Black Mirror, you’ll be familiar with the killer robotic dogs that mercilessly hunt down Maxine Peak in the black and white survival thriller ‘Metalhead‘ that polarised many audiences.

Now, the robotic dog, SpotMini, developed by Boston Dynamics, scarily resembles those of Charlie Brooker’s post-apocalyptic nightmare:

Now they may not be able to fire a gun from their arm, pick up a knife or release exploding shrapnel tracking devices – but these two pieces of cutting-edge robotics do eerily resemble the dogs in Metalhead.


Their methodic way of opening the door, looking at each other as if to be communicating to solve the complex obstacle, shows just how far robotics and artificial intelligence have been developed in recent years.

Simple it may seem for a robot to just open a door, and far away it may be from the likes of Terminator, Roy Batty or Brooker’s pups, but the AI and automation revolution is far from over. Who knows where it may lead, but maybe Charlie Brooker does.


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