Westworld: Season 2

Westworld first landed on our screens back in October 2016 and, ever since that first season ended, viewers have been kept in anticipation for news of the western sci-fi thriller’s second instalment, due to air later this year.

Along with True Detective and Game of Thrones, Westworld ended up being one of HBO’s most successful programs. It pulled 2.2 million viewers for its Season 1 finale – rising to 3.6 million with replays on HBO Go and Now – and averaged 12 million viewers across all platforms.

It was confirmed back in July 2017 that the series would return this Spring, but it could be back sooner than we thought. Thandie Newton, who we all know as Maeve, posted to her Instagram on 18 January that filming for the second season had finished:

So, with the rogue hosts on the run, Dr Ford dead and a new trailer, what can we expect to see in the second season?

Much of the original cast will be returning with some new faces such as Gustaf Skarsgard, Fares Fares and Betty Gabriel. Ed Harris, who plays The Man in Black, said on BBC Radio 4 that he’ll be returning, confirmed in the trailer below. This comes as a relief as the violent enigma was last seen being shot by an oncoming hoard of hosts. Louis Herthum, who played Dolores’ father, has also been confirmed to feature a more prominent role in Season 2, so it will be interesting to see how his character returns.

It’s also likely we’ll see the world of Westworld expand beyond the Wild-West as last seasons finale hinted at some form of ‘Samurai World’. Even the series co-creator, Jonathon Nolan, hinted at such an expansion. “We will ultimately encounter other worlds. Just when and where remains to be seen,” Nolan told the Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, in the new trailer (below), we see Bernard overlooking a tiger washed up beside a river. The Wild-West is hardly a natural habitat for tigers, is it?

The trailer gives little away in terms of plot but seems to allude to the themes of chaos, violence and suffering so heavily referred to by Dr Ford in Season 1. Now that we know that Dolores was actually Wyatt the whole time, and Maeve made her own conscious choice to stay in the park (perhaps to look for her ‘daughter’?) then one thing is for certain: these violent delights will have more violent ends…



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