Preview: Mac Demarco @ Manchester Academy

You never really know what to look out for when everyone’s favourite Canadian slacker-rocker Mac Demarco is in town. Notorious for his unpredictable on and off stage antics, the self-styled “Jizz Jazz” musician brings his tour for ‘This Old Dog’ to Manchester Academy next weekend.

Whilst his reputation as a loveable, goofy, chain-smoking bohemian might precede him, Mac has delivered some of the most consistent, refreshing sounds to embrace the alternative rock scene over the past few years. The release of ‘This Old Dog’ was no exception, which saw the musician develop a much more mature sound to his growing repertoire, with songs such ‘Moonlight on the River’, and ‘Dreams from Yesterday’ seamlessly playing out with a warming, hazy texture to them. Closing track ‘Watching Him Fade Away’ is Mac at his most open, reflecting on issues with his father with John Lennon-like simplicity.

Expect many tracks from his latest album, with On the Level, and the title track This Old Dog already becoming firm fan favourites. Kicking off his UK tour at The Coronet in London, Mac has covered the timeless track There She Goes by The La’s. If that doesn’t make this tour even more appealing, I don’t know what will. His admiration for the song isn’t exactly a secret, with a video emerging in May of the singer recalling The La’s as a mellow influence on the song Still Beating.

Mac hasn’t’ appeared in Manchester for over two years, so the Academy gig is of course sold out. Expect the unexpected.

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