The Birthday Massacre @ London O2 Islington

Photos courtesy of Rose Noir Photography 

The Birthday Massacre hit the stage at O2 Islington in London on Tuesday night 24/10 for the opening night of their Under Your Spell UK Tour.

Die Kur opened the show with a remarkable performance warming up the audience, followed by a short but powerful set from Esprit D’Air and Lesbian Bed Death, who did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up with their high energy gothic punk/ hard rock music.

The Birthday Massacre, Rainbow, Chibi, o2 Islington, Under Your Spell tour

By the time The Birthday Massacre hit the stage, the crowd was ready to go, and that enthusiasm remained throughout the band’s set of 17 songs. The crowd sang, danced and jumped along right from the opening song Counterpane on through to the three-song encore.

Along the way, the band pulled out a few songs from their new album including the moody title track Under Your Spell and the killer All of Nothing. Of course, the biggest crowd pops were for hits like Destroyer, Superstition and Video Kid.

It was clear throughout the evening that the band was enjoying having the chance to perform in such a warm and enthusiastic audience as they playfully bumped into one another and joked amongst themselves and with the crowd.

The Birthday Massacre, Rainbow, Chibi, o2 Islington, Under Your Spell tour

Vocalist Chibi is a continuous ball of motion and her spirit is one of the reasons that the band’s shows always live up to expectations and her hilarious interactions with rhythm guitarist Rainbow were definitely a highlight of Thursday’s show as it happens at most gigs they play.

The band wrapped things up with Pins and Needles and Broken, before returning to the stage for a 3-song encore of Endless, In the Dark and finally saying goodbye in style with the wonderful Blue.

A great night of synth and gothic metal, industrial and rock n roll music with a very intense setlist and a great performance from the very start with Die Kur till the very last notes of Blue.

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