Triple Six Festival Shorts: Burn

Slaughtered Bird Films and Dragon Egg Media’s debut film collaboration, Burn made a surprise appearance at this year’s Triple Six Festival having been missed off the festival’s lineup. The last minute short directed by Judson Vaughan was filmed over just three days in Hertfordshire and North London and with that in mind, the resulting short is an entertaining watch.

The film moves particularly quickly, although predictably right up until its final act. Due to that pace, it’s difficult to discuss the plot at length but the shorts clear strength lies in its unique twist that we genuinely didn’t see coming. The overall setting of the short, which picks up after most horror films would end is another draw, which works particularly well in a horror film. Burn‘s overall themes and original ideas offer something fresh and new but might work best after a second viewing, one scene in which we feel sorry for the mother, for example, takes on a completely different meaning on its second viewing.

Burn might not hit the bar set by other shorts when it comes to stunning visuals or perfect dialogue, but what it has in abundance is originality, and that’s exactly what modern horror fans are looking for. To say it was shot in a mere three days, we take our metaphorical hats off to the cast and crew for pulling it off.

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Jack Holmes

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