Triple Six Festival Shorts: Gene

Gene follows a recently widowed mother, who is having problems with her 11-year-old son, and may have to take drastic actions to stop him. Gene is a prime example of how great short films can look in modern indie cinema and with acting as powerful as its cinematography, Gene is a surprise hit of Triple Six.


Although Gene makes a very good short film, it definitely feels like it is part of something much bigger.  And this is both a positive and a negative.  If the filmmakers wanted to make the story into a full feature length film, then this short makes a great demo. It felt like the viewer was given a tasty sample of a much larger story that can be told.
I personally would love to see more and from the bio of the film’s Twitter @geneshortfilm, this is the first of a trilogy of short psychological films, so that has me excited for the next instalment.  Gene is a very good short film that clearly proves you can make great horror films, without extreme gore.

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