Triple Six Festival Shorts: The Cleansing Hour

The Cleansing Hour is an excellently paced and thrilling short film that follows a production team as they set up for the next episode of their popular live stream web series ‘The Cleansing Hour’, where the egotistical Father Lance performs exorcisms. Whether he is actually a priest or an actor loving the newfound fame of the series, he must keep up appearances if recognised in public, with the show viewed across the world.

Heather (Heather Morris from TV’s Glee) is ecstatic to be on the show and to finally meet the celebrity exorcist. As the cameras start rolling and the actors set the scene, all is not right in the studio, lights begin to flicker, props going off early. Little things here and there, until it really starts to ramp up.


Without going into too much more detail as the second half of the film is definitely the most impressive, juggling horror clichés and tropes with a humorous edge. The cinematography is crisp and clean, accompanied by great pacing in its twenty minute story and superb dialogue, set design, costumes, props, acting and music. Everything is merged almost flawlessly for such a short film that is meant to be a pilot for a feature length production. There is even room for twists and turns in there too that make for fantastic viewing.

When The Cleansing Hour finished, I felt truly satisfied with the film I had viewed. Having seen so many short films, they so often feel incomplete as if not quite hitting their mark. The Cleansing Hour hits it out of the park when compared to it’s competition and was a certain high point of the whole of Triple Six.

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