Triple Six Festival Shorts: Pigskin

Laurie is a high school cheerleader with body issues.  She binds her stomach, claws at her skin, and acts socially withdrawn because she thinks she’s overweight and unattractive.  Glenn, a guy on the football team, thinks otherwise, and intends to seduce Laurie after school.  Encouraged by her friend Trish, Laurie follows Glenn to the pool, where she is stalked by a mysterious silhouette figure. Is this the manifestation of her inner demons coming to claim her?


Pigskin is technically impressive and is shot exceptionally well, using a striking palette of bright colours to great effect.  The cinematography is so perfect it’s easy to forget you’re not watching a studio-funded project.  The soundtrack captures an 80’s electronic feel and conveys with it an atmosphere of isolation and loneliness.

While Pigskin’s tackling of its theme can be overly direct, it’s a relatable theme that affects many young people and the horror genre can give filmmakers an opportunity to yield societal issues, put them in a context that appeals to its principal demographic and stimulate discussion.

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