Tycho // DJ Tennis @ The Albert Hall, Manchester

Images courtesy of Georgina Hurdsfield

Tycho’s and DJ Tennis’ Albert Hall date was a particularly exciting gig, with the venue acting as a beautiful backdrop for a night of ambient music and creating a sense of near tranquillity.

DJ Tennis served as a solid opener to the show, bringing his signiature mix of trippy electronica to the packed venue. The bass during this section felt as if it could split mountains; while mostly adding to the intensity of the set, sometimes it was almost too much. Samples from what seemed like conversations or phone calls, distorted to sound distant and muffled, are used throughout to again add to the psychological feel of the set. The lighting used was, as usual for Albert Hall, fantastic during this segment and we’re happy to confirm was *ahem* game set and match for DJ Tennis.


Tycho’s set see’s the man himself, Scott Hansen manning guitar and synths throughout the show where he’s accompanied by a band consisting of a drummer, additional synth player/bassist and guitarist. After their first song, Scott picked up a microphone and commented that this was the first show they’d ever played indoors before the sun had set which was oddly charming. Sounded great throughout their set and boasting some incredibly beats courtesy of the night’s drummer who effectively held the show together.

The visuals throughout the show were impressive, displaying occult-esque opticals that create a core theme along with the sets more sombre songs. Hansen’s signature triangles were also in attendance, a link to the artist’s impressive graphic design work. Is there nothing the man can’t do?


As their set continued, the sun set outside casting an astounding orange glow across the beautiful backdrop of the hall. Tracks played became more serene, and created a sense of stillness. They played some classics like Dive and A Walk but also some of the new Tycho material from the EP Epoch which was included in my personal Top Five Albums of 2016.

Tycho have effectively managed to merge their finesse for music, with an overall aesthetic feel that gives their set a collective emotion, rather than the typical track by track impacts of other live artists. They’re certainly worth catching if you ever get the chance.

You can view our full album of images from the night courtesy of Georgina Hurdsfield here and find out more about Tycho here.

Zac Gardiner

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