E3 2017 – Bethesda Conference

This year’s E3 has been one of its weakest in a long time, with developers lacking in spirit and character, and some even lacking in games. I was quite excited to see what Bethesda had in store for us as I’ve been a fan of them for most of my life, but alas we were in for one of the most disappointing press conferences of the year.

Bethesda’s conference was largely focused on rehashed versions of their older games, either through new consoles or an incorporation of VR technology.  They opened with a short video of their employees’ kids guessing what they did for a job, this was a little cutesy when compared to some of the studio’s more adult titles including Doom, and Wolfenstein (but we’ll get to those shortly).

The past three to six E3s have seen Bethesda focus largely on a small number of particularly successful titles, and to our annoyance, 2017 see’s these rolled out once again. Doom VFR looks interesting but until it’s been properly tested by the public, it’s difficult to know just how successful the shooter will feel. The same can also be said for Fallout 4 which is set to have a VR headset mode added. It looks fun, but as with Fallout 4’s Pipboy companion app, may be less functional, and more of a marketing ploy.

Elder Scrolls Online continues to be the poster child for the continued development for the Elder Scrolls world, rather than a new Elder Scrolls game that many fans might argue would be a better move for the company, although alas, requiring substantially more developer hours. The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game is the latest in the popular trend of turning big time video games into card games. Whilst it could be interesting gameplay wise, it’s going to be up against the likes of World of Warcraft’s Hearthstone and The Witcher’s Gwent, the latter of which has just entered public beta testing.

When we finally got to sink our teeth into some new content we were treated to the particularly cool trailer forThe Evil Within 2, which seems to have taken a leaf out of last years stand out Death Stranding trailer. A potentially interesting title if the gameplay we were shown a few glimses of manages to stand out once the games released.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus had a fantastic trailer with strong similarities to the popular franchise, Fallout including its catchy soundtrack of Wayne Newton’s Danke Schoen. Gameplay looks particularly gritty and the stylised alternative reality in which the Nazi’s rule America is sure to open up some opportunities for a deep and relevant narrative, especially with politics the way they are at the moment.

With Bethesda returning to so many older titles, there’s a sense that the conference could have used some fresh ideas. Here’s to next year being better and including more fresh games.

You can read our full coverage of E3 2017 here.

Zac Gardiner

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