Wave Gotik Treffen Festival

Images courtesy of Rose Noir photography

Another Wave Gotik Treffen Festival has gone, leaving me with the usual post-festival blues and still very vivid memories of fantastic days spent with old and new friends in Leipzig.

With 228 artists performing in more than 30 venues across the whole city in just 4 days, choosing which bands to watch and shoot is the hardest part of this adventure. I eventually picked bands from different countries and different music genres to have a varied and interesting overview, mixing big names with new emerging bands. Now that it’s over and I think back about the gigs I watched and shot, I am absolutely satisfied with my selection.


The first night, tired by the long travel, I went for an intimate yet powerful and elegant Neofolk line up with 2 of the biggest names in the international scene, Ianva (IT) and the headliners Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio O.R.E. (S).

The venue picked to host this line up was absolutely perfect. Volkspalast is an example of neoclassic architecture, a majestic building designed at the beginning of the 20th century by a famous German architect, originally built to host an exhibition and since then used to host special events and music performance. The atmosphere was incredibly powerful and magic, the venue was filled with enthusiastic fans and both gigs got incredibly positive feedback from the public.

Saturday I kicked off my gig night watching a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist artist, Sylvaine (N), of which I had been hearing a lot lately and never got the chance to see live before. Ambient wall-of-sound landscapes, with a focus on beautiful melodies, lingering guitar riffs and atmospheres were underlined by a solid groove, powerful and melancholic sounds and excellent performance.

69 EYES_1.jpg

Happy for this successful choice I then made my way to the Opera theatre of Leipzig to assist to one of my favourite doom-metal bands’ show, Faroese Hamferd (D), and watch the headliners Spiritual Front (I) performing a new acoustic project “Black Heart in Black Suits.” Again, the choice of the venue was absolutely perfect: both performances showed the very high musical and artistic expertise of the artists, two versatile bands that bring incredible emotions and deliver outstanding performances, both playing in big stadiums with a shouting crowd and in intimate and elegant contexts like the opera theatre. After a never-ending applause and the artists playing two encores, the opera shut and I went happily back to my hotel, energized by the great bands seen and looking forward to Sunday’s line up to shoot.


For the last day my choice went for the strongest line up made of big names with international recognition performing on the main festival stage: She Past Away (TK), a band who grew very quickly, their fame in the post-punk music industry achieving a well-deserved international success, followed by one of the biggest Gothic metal bands, The 69 Eyes, who played an incredible gig full of energy, great fun and power. Eventually came the the headliners, definitely one of the highlights of this year’s festival edition, The Mission (UK) hitting the stages all over the world since 1985 and still getting their shows sold out and driving the audience to total ecstasy.

I couldn’t pick a best way to close another incredible WGT edition and travel back home happily exhausted and already looking forward to discovering next year’s band line up.

You can view more images from the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival below and check out more images from our London based photographer Rose Noir here.

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