Triple Six Festival Shorts: The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon made it’s North West premier as part of Triple Six Horror Festival Triple Six Horror Festival. Directed by Emmy nominated Ruth Pickett and starring Richard Kiess, Abi Roberts & Sophie Pelham, the short was shot on scene at a small cabin in North Wales.

The 12-minute black comedy follows a recently married Christian couple honeymooning at a cabin. To their surprise, the cabin comes with some added extras, that eventually lead to a particularly gruesome ‘incident’ involving a rather large dildo.

The Honeymoon 03 - Bedroom_zpshtggf03b.png

The dialogue of The Honeymoon is the clear draw here. Parallels can easily be drawn with the likes of classic British comedies such as the League of Gentlemen and on a number of occasions, the audience are left in stitches by a number of well timed one liners. “I don’t want to panic you Neil, but I think this might be a sex den” being a prime example.

The performances are particularly well suited to the script, and all three cast members manage to pull off a performance that could have easily strayed into “over the top” territory.

It’s a great little gem of a short which I’d urge you to catch it anytime you get the chance.

You can watch the trailer for The Honeymoon below and view other reviews from the other shorts and features at Triple Six Festival here.

Jack Holmes

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