Triple Six Festival Shorts: Shortcut

After a short break, so we could refresh drinks and reflect on the horrors that had unfolder in The Chair, we got right back on it with another short. Shortcut was hands down my favourite of the morning; part of a Film 4 series of shorts called Fright Bites, it was made all the more impressive by the fact director Prano Bailey-Bond shot each short in a single day.

The short won me over instantly by being so very, very, pretty. The lighting is put together beautifully and was so aesthetically pleasing I couldn’t look away. In five minutes we’re introduced to Kurt (Danny Devall), and his sleeping girlfriend Sunshine (Joana Borja), and led on a wild ride which fills all the horror conventions of karmic retribution, gratuitous nudity, tension building, gore, and comedy. This film is too short for me to go into much more without ruining it and I really don’t want to because I honestly recommend everyone watch it for themselves. In fact, I tracked it down on YouTube, stop reading and watch it now.

A fantastic short.

You can view other Film 4 Fright Bites shorts here and view our full list of reviews from Triple Six Festival here.


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