Triple Six Festival: Quarries

The first feature film of the festival, Quarries, is a female-dominated thriller following a group of women on a tumultuous hike as they are stalked by a group of red-necks.

Directed and co-written by Nils Taylor and starring Nicole Marie Johnson, who also co-wrote the film, Quarries takes place in an American backwater in a popular hiking spot. Reminiscent of the eerie atmosphere in True Detective, Kat, the main character, is covered in bruises from her abusive ex-boyfriend and is taking part in the challenging hike to find peace of mind. Each of the female characters also joined the journey to escape some sort of personal demon- ranging from a prescription pill addiction to relationship issues.


The well-rounded female characters are definitely a highlight; unfortunately, it is a rarity to see a group of women in the horror genre who aren’t highly sexualised or victimised. The film is a good example of how modern horror has shifted from supernatural monsters to more believable antagonists- for example, one of the stalkers and main antagonists is Kat’s abusive ex-boyfriend.

There are moments in the film however that feel disjointed- the sweeping shots of rural America feel confused and out of place with the violent action scenes. Nonetheless, it is a refreshing take on the usually male-dominated thriller genre and is an exciting watch that will keep your attention from start to finish.

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