Triple Six Festival Masterpost

AMC Cinemas hosted the very first Triple Six Horror Festival last weekend and Intertainment were lucky enough to catch every feature and short. Here’s our full list of reviews, let us know what you think.


The Chair by Corey Davies
Offensive by Corey Davies
Hounds of Love by Matthew Richardson
Tone Death by Matthew Richardson
Cruel Summer by Matthew Richardson
Quarries by Charlie Jordin
Forest of Lost Souls by Charlie Jordin
The Unkindness of Ravens by Jack Holmes
Hardware and Richard Stanley Q+A by Jack Holmes


Shortcut by Corey Davies
Rats by Corey Davies
Pigskin by Matthew Richardson
Dissociative by Matthew Richardson
Gene by Matthew Richardson
The Cleansing Hour by Matthew Richardson
Hada by Charlie Jordin
Your Date is Here by Charlie Jordin
Starfucker director Emilie Flory Interview by Charlie Jordin
Burn by Jack Holmes
The Honeymoon by Jack Holmes


Jack Holmes

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