Dot to Dot Festival: Sundara Karma

Images by Georgina Hurdsfield

Sundara Karma packed out Manchester’s Albert Hall on Saturday as they headlined Dot to Dot Festival. As a response to the tragic events that took place at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday night, across all the venues within the festival a minute silence, followed by a minute of noise to honour those who lost their lives. As a proud Mancunian and avid music fan, what happened on Monday night has affected me and I’m sure it has affected countless others, especially those who were unfortunate enough to have been at the arena at the time. The response of the people of Manchester has made me proud to be a Mancunian and it is a testament to the strength of the people who turned out to Dot to Dot and didn’t let terror win. I was apprehensive about whether it would be possible to pull off a minute silence within a concert venue but it was observed perfectly by all those in attendance. Just before this the Mancunian anthem Don’t Look Back in Anger was played over the speakers which was a special moment.

18738393_616039331903180_6543020296211254907_oMoving on to talk about Sundara Karma’s performance, the band packed a number of the songs off their brilliant debut album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect into their hour-long set. Sundara Karma opened their set on Flame, a highlight from the album that now stands out as a highlight of their live show as well.

It was announced recently by the band that they would be releasing an extended version of their debut album, and they played one of the new tracks, Explore, as their final song of the night. This is the second time in recent months that Sundara Karma have played at Manchester’s Albert Hall and it’s clear that the band were a big enough draw for the crowd by themselves as they pulled in what was easily the largest crowd of the day. This could be expected due to the band having the final slot at the largest venue, but this is still testament to the appeal that Sundara Karma carry as there were a number of very great bands playing other venues elsewhere at the same time who would have been worth seeing.


When reviewing the album, I commented that some of the songs were a little similar and this is noticeable in the live set. Sundara Karma were very impressive live, but I will be interested to see in the future with perhaps another album under their belt and a longer set, away from the constraints on set times that a festival put on a band’s set. Overall, Sundara Karma were a fitting end to a very well put together day of music at Dot to Dot Festival 2017.

You can view our full album of images from Sundara Karma’s set courtesy of Georgina Hurdsfield here and view more image albums and reviews from Dot to Dot Festival 2017 here.


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