Dot to Dot Festival: Honeyblood

Following Honeyblood‘s incredibly successful 2016, in which they released their critically acclaimed second album Babes Never Die with their new drummer Cat Myers, replacing Shona McVicar.

The change in lineup resulted, at least in part, to the creation of an album that earned a mention a number of our writer’s albums of the year lists, boasting catchy hooks and inspiring lyrics of empowerment.


The duo are as impressive live as they are on their recordings at their Dot to Dot Festival set. Myers in particular braves the blistering Manchester heat inside to deliver her furiously energetic set, a feat of not just musicianship, but fitness, blasting drum beats that make sure the first band to grace the Albert Hall stage is one to remember. We felt too warm just watching, God knows how the duo battled through without so much as a pause.

Their set list is a reminder that their stand out tracks aren’t just confined to their new album either, with their debut self-titled album’s tracks making equal impact.


So if you’re a fan of a rock duo fun, you’ll be happy to hear Honeyblood will be returning to Manchester “soon”. We’ll see you there.

You can view our full album of images from Honeyblood’s set courtesy of Georgina Hurdsfield here and view more image albums and reviews from Dot to Dot Festival 2017 here.

Jack Holmes

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