Dot to Dot Festival: Amber Run

Amber Run fill a very particular niche of the indie market; their pop rock songs of lost love and a disillusionment with the music industry can be a hard sell on their albums, in particular, their lukewarm (at best) For a Moment, I Was Lost, released back in February. This by no means meant that the band’s Dot to Dot Festival set at the Albert Hall would be as passive as their recent discography entries, sadly their set manages that itself.


Amber Run are by no means bad performers: their set is tight; singer Josh Keogh’s voice is impressive; and they create an arena-filling sound with ease, in the same vein as a U2 or Coldplay concert. The issue is that there’s nothing new, there’s none of the hits that have carried larger bands to the height of their careers, and Amber Run seem to exist as a kind of chameleon indie outfit. They look the part and play tracks that clearly place them in a specific genre, but as for offering their audiences anything of lasting worth, they struggle.

Amber Run, surprisingly for a band that have found themselves a place within the indie mainstream that they so often proclaim to be disenfranchised by, need to find a direction for their sound. Right now crowds of fans continue to flock to them, but without an injection of creativity into their career, we feel like they might not be around for next year’s Dot to Dot

 You can view our full album of images from Amber Run’s set courtesy of Georgina Hurdsfield here and view more image albums and reviews from Dot to Dot Festival 2017 here.

Jack Holmes

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