Injustice 2

Injustice 2 offers very similar fighting mechanics to Injustice: Gods Among Us, but also offers a larger cast of characters, more refined game-play with a higher level of polish throughout the game, a better story and an amazing amount of customization, making it a much more enjoyable experience than the first game.

The story to Injustice 2 is rather simple: The remnants of Superman’s old Regime and allied forces lead by Batman must join together to repel Brainiac’s invasion of Earth. The plot itself isn’t exactly very original or engaging, however doesn’t include bringing heroes from other Multiverses to help fight the problem, which felt like a very cheap solution in the first Injustice. The story does also include interaction between characters, such as with Green Arrow and Black Canary, and also follows Supergirl’s deal with her cousin (Superman) being the man he is following the destruction of Metropolis. The story mode also presents a shallow illusion of choice, as in some chapters you get to choose which character you’d like to play as, though this ultimately has no impact on the story. However, the finale of the story does allow you to pick a side, meaning the ending to the story changes depending on the choice you make.

The level of customization compared to the first game is staggering. In the first game, you only had alternate costumes, most of which were through paid Downloadable content. This game offers so much more. To begin, this game also offers alternate costumes, much more than the first games. While, sadly, most of these are just palette swaps, many also pertain to the comics (such as having Green Lantern being a Red or Yellow lantern). In addition, some characters have “Premiere” skins, where the character is swapped out to another character. For example, Flash can be swapped for Reverse Flash and Jay Garrick, and Captain Cold for Mr. Freeze. Sadly, most of these will be released through paid DLC, again. While this (very, very sadly) has become an industry staple, that doesn’t provide any excuse. These should be rewards, unlockable items, not things to pay for.

Customisation isn’t limited to skins, however. Different equipment can be used on each character. Each character has 4 different slots; Head, Torso, Arms and Legs. Some characters, such as Superman, have a 5 slot, for the crest. This equipment is used to boost the character’s aesthetics and stats. Each character has a large amount of equipment available, giving a strong incentive to keep playing, contrary to the initial game where there’s wasn’t too much to do. Equipment is unlocked via “mother boxes”, which are essentially just this game’s loot boxes. The large amount of equipment and alternate colour schemes allow everyone to tailor each character to their own individual look and even play style, allowing many more people to gain enjoyment from this title.

Last and most importantly, how does the game play? If you didn’t like the initial game due to what was available for you to enjoy, this game is the perfect fighting game for you. However, if you didn’t like the style and mechanics of the first game, then you’ll find that this game doesn’t have much to offer you. While everything else surrounding the game has been ramped up, from story, to the little detail such as ultimate attacks, to having more modes and customisation to keep the player entertained, the fighting is largely the same. For example, one large mechanic which separates Injustice from other fighting game series, such as Street Fighter, is the health. In Street Fighter, when someone runs out of health, the next round of the fight begins, simple. In the Injustice series, two bars of health are incorporated into the same fight, no rounds. It sounds like a simple change, but can be off putting to fans of other fighting series.

In short, if you enjoyed the first game, even if you found yourself not playing it too often due to lack of replayability, you’ll find enjoyment with Injustice 2. If you couldn’t enjoy the base mechanics of the game-play, no matter how hard you tried, it’s recommended you instead spend your hard earned money elsewhere.


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