Camden Rocks Festival Preview

Saturday 3rd June sees the wonderful Chris McCormack (ex-Three Colours Red) once again bless Camden with the Camden Rocks Festival. Now firmly entrenched in the borough’s calendar, this is the real start to the summer that sees hundreds of bands play dozens of venues, surrounded by thousands of live music fans who welcome the opportunity to drink limitless alcohol and have the weekend to end all weekends.

Expected highlights, in no particular order include Thunder On The Left, an aggressive, politically-charged and hard-rocking London outfit whose live shows are something to behold. I first caught this band playing really early in the day at last year’s festival, but this year they’re much further up the bill, and deservedly so. Get ready to have your heads blown back and your eyeballs bloodied.

Tokyo Taboo mix wonderful bubble-gum pop with catchy melodies and a strong and serious message. They’ll be in your face, jumping off the drum kit, sitting on the floor and probably in a venue near you pretty soon. Don’t miss your chance to catch them in their home town, and before you miss out on the oppurtunity to get a ticket to see them at all.

BRICKS are one of my favourite new bands of the last year. The sheer spittle-emitting aggression and frenetic energy of these three can be enough to leave you in shock if you’re not ready for it. A post-punk threesome with an amazing line in dark emotions and stressed out apologies are exactly what you need to set yourself up to enjoy your day. 3pm at Dingwalls Canalside bar – I guarantee you the tourists won’t be able to press their noses hard enough to the glass to catch this lot in their full glory.

What can I say about Asylums that hasn’t been said before? Amazing energy, wonderful melodies, entrancing to watch and a front man who fails to recognise danger, with a set full of idiotic behavior and bloody good fun. There’s no way that anyone reading this shouldn’t move heaven and earth to see this band. You won’t regret it.

Sadly the music gods clearly weren’t smiling on us when this years lineup was announced. There are two bands you absolutely have to see, without fail – The Damned and The Virginmarys. Clear then from the start, that they were both going to go onstage a 9pm in diferent venues. I now find myself unsure whether to choose one and disappoint myself, try to see half a set from each (but who do I see first?), or ignore them both and go home in a drunken strop… I’m yet to know which way my ripped and torn mind will take me but, if you manage to see either of them, you’re not going to be disappointed. These stalwarts of the live music scene have had multiple members, can create an atmosphere the like of which you don’t experience very often, and inspire (in me at least) an absolute passion and commitment so… having just sung Chris McCormack’s praises, I’m now left to ask him to invite them both back next year so that I can go and see the other one.

You can find more details on Camden Rocks Festival on their Facebook page here and their website here


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