Wave Gotik Treffen Festival Preview

In the first weekend of June, Leipzig in Germany plays host to the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival. Occupying the whole city and featuring art, music, performance and fashion, the 20000 attendees will be spoiled by around 200 bands, as well as exhibitions and clubs, all featuring the ‘dark family’ of the Gothic scene and spread across upwards of 50 venues.

Notable music highlights from a British point of view include Cabaret Voltaire and The Mission who, if recent live events are anything to go by, may well feature London-based ‘dreamwave’ vocalist Evi Vine as a guest for some of their set. Her vocal style provides the perfect complement to Wayne Hussey and hearing the duo sing together is certain to create some lasting memories for those in attendance. For myself, and many others, it will be the ‘do not miss’ moment of the entire event.

Other notable British highlights include the wonderful Esben and the Witch and the up and coming Desperate Journalist, whose second album is causing definite ripples.

There will, of course, be ample opportunity for the ‘oglers’ to see the parades of finery, pomp and passion that make these sorts of festivals so it’s ideal for a city landscape. With all public transport being provided free to ticket holders, this is an event not to be missed for those with a fondness for all things gothic.

Intertainment will be providing a full album of images from this event so watch this space as the end of the first week in June approaches.

You can find out more about the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival on their website here.

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