Jaws @ Manchester Club Academy 25.04.17

Jaws played Manchester for the second time in recent months after playing Sound Control at the end of November. I had been meaning to go and see them at that show so I was glad it didn’t take too long for the band to come back around. Throughout the set, one major thing I noticed was that the Birmingham band love what they’re doing. Four mates getting out on the road and playing songs that they wrote to people in different cities across the UK each night. For many of us, that’s the dream life, and you can tell that Jaws agree. This enthusiasm extended out to the crowd throughout the set, it took less than a verse for the first mosh pit to open up, which consumed a large part of the audience within Club Academy.

Jaws 2

Jaws have a sound which I am a very big fan of. A lot of the indie that is being released at the moment is fast paced and Jaws have more of a chilled out feel going for them, which I think works in their favour. They do have a few songs which are in the fast paced feel, however, with Be Slowly and What We Haven’t Got, being perhaps the best examples of this. Think Too Much, Feel Too Little is an example of one of the songs which encapsulates the chilled out feel that works so well for the band. This is a method other bands such as Palace are having success with at the moment and provides a refreshing variation within the genre. Anyone who tells you all indie music sounds the same are clearly not picking up on bands like Jaws.

This isn’t a new opinion by any stretch of the imagination but I really feel that these type of gigs, seeing bands in smaller venues like Club Academy, bands like Jaws who are working extremely hard to get their names out, constantly putting shows on up and down the country for their fans, are the gigs which are the ones worth going to see. When some bands get a lot bigger, particularly ones from the US, it feels as though a tour every few years to coincide with an album release is almost an obligation, something they’d much rather not be doing. For me, that loses the connection you build with a band which is what makes music so great. The Jaws fans in the crowd, many of whom who I’d assume will not have been seeing the band for the first time, will have a connection with this band, you feel as though you are with them every step of their journey.

Jaws 3

Whilst Jaws aren’t a band I’ve been aware of for anyway near as long as many of the people in the crowd, this connection they clearly have with the band is something I’ve bought into and I’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye on their progress in the future.

You can view our full album of images from the night courtesy of Darcy Jamison here.


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