Single Review: ist ist – Strangers

Mancunian three piece ist ist have released their new single Strangers and it’s a great moody, merge of indie rock and post punk.

Featuring vocals reminiscent of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, Strangers feels like a more aggressive Closer, given more instant impact by an injection of Mancunian energy.

It’s lyrics are also reminiscent of the post-punk icons, Strangers chorus proclaiming “what are you doing here, these people aren’t your friends, just keep your back to the wall and keep your mind of it all” conjures images of the North West’s club and venue scenes and displays a honesty that’s easy to connect with. ist ist were born in the basement gigs of Manchester and we’re glad to see that they’re holding onto that fact moving forwards in their upward climb through the music industry.

The bands rhythm section features a hint of White Lies about it, though boasting a far more moody, aggressive stance, whilst managing to hold onto a catchy riffy edge. It might feature a hooky riff, but it maintains a clear depth throughout.

The whole track gels well together, demonstrating a particularly collabarative effort, intruments rising and falling to the top of the pool of sound throughout the track. Its one of the most promising aspects of the track, displaying a band that have found their signiature sound made equally from each of its trio of members. What the band release from this point on will undoubtedly be a natural progression of their sound as a band, rather than individual members.

You can listen to the track below and find out more about ist ist here and as always, let us know what you think.

Jack Holmes

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