Triple Six Horror Festival Preview

Taking place on the 27 and 28 of May at the AMC Cinema in Manchester, the Triple Six Horror Film Festival ‘aims to celebrate everything that is great in new independent horror filmmaking.’ Showing nine feature films over the two days, as well as twelve short films, the festival will ‘shine a blood-red spotlight on the amazing talent in genre filmmaking.’ There will also be a live Q&A with Hardware director Richard Stanley after the screening of his 90s cult classic.

The films screened at the festival will be from around the world, but the festival directors have ensured the festival has ‘a British backbone.’ The festival kicks off on the Saturday with the European premiere of Quarries, a taut horror about a group of women who find themselves being stalked in the wilderness. The film will set the pace for the rest of the festival; other films on Saturday include The Forest of Lost Souls, a Portuguese slow burn horror from Director Jose Pedro Lopez. Filmed in black and white and with a stunning score, this untraditional festival film has its premiere at Triple Six. The Unkindness of Ravens is director Lawrie Brewster’s third feature and follows the story of a homeless veteran who battles his demons in the Scottish Highlands. Ending Saturday on a high note is a rare 35mm screening of the cult sci-fi horror Hardware which will be followed by a live Q&A with director Richard Stanley.


Sunday begins with the UK Premiere of The Chair from director Chad Ferrin. Based on the graphic novel by Peter Simeti, The Chair is a claustrophobic, sadistic and harrowing watch about a man on death row fighting to survive. As dark as its original source, it’s one hell of a start to Sunday. Offensive is the latest offering from director Jon Ford. Set in rural France, a retired American couple inherit a house on the condition they live there for a year. In what seems a perfect and idyllic setting they soon find out the local youths might not be all they seem. Showing in its full uncut version, this is a must see for horror fans. Triple Six also welcomes the world premiere of Tone Death directed by Roger Armstrong and John Hickman, one of the many British films being screened at the festival. It follows a filmmaker and techno producer attempting to invent a musical device that will send the consciousness of the listener to another level. Set to close the Triple Six festival is Ben Young’s stunning debut Hounds of Love. A masterclass in suspense, it follows a young woman who is randomly abducted by a couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors, she must concoct a plan to escape if she wants to survive.

Hounds of Love Vicki_zpso4y6qeqe.jpg

As well as showing some amazing features, Triple Six will also be showcasing stunning short films from around the world. Each feature film will have at least one short film screened before it, with shorts ranging from 2 to 18 minutes in length.

Tickets are strictly limited and full weekend tickets are priced at £30, going on sale from April 3. The festival takes place at AMC Deansgate Manchester on May 27 and tickets are available on the AMC booking site here and find out more information on the Triple Six Festival here. 


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