Single Review: Lorde Returns to Music with New Single ‘Green Light’

Lorde’s debut Pure Heroine was a game changer. So many albums are described as such but hers earned its title, how many of the indie pop and rock sensations of the last few years can be directly accounted to Pure Heroine’s release? Wherever you view the actual number of directly inspired artists, the rise of synth pop since has been undeniable.

Baring in mind that this violent change in the music landscape was brought on by a seventeen-year-olds debut album certainly justifies the worldwide attention that the album gave her. It was also almost entirely positively received, to heights that arguably no album since has come near.

Perhaps then that’s why critics have rushed head over heel to praise her new single Green Light released earlier this week, and more than three years after her last album.

Whether you should be agreeing with said critics depends entirely on which aspect of Pure Heroin appealed to you. Personally it was a love of tracks like Ribs which presented a sombre blur of slow synth notes overlayed with pounding drum beats, it created a peaceful, ethereal sound that was like something from another dimension. Heavenly, that’s the best term I can think of to describe it.

Green Light represents a progression, that’s clear and should be praised. Lorde tweeted at the release of Green Light “[I]t’s very different, and kinda unexpected. it’s complex and funny and sad and joyous and it’ll make you DANCE.” She’s right as well, this is a synth pop track perfectly designed for a Friday night club scene, it’s piano riff in particular is testament to just how precise and perfect Lorde’s songwriting talents are, and along with the drum beats, it dominates the track.

Due to the nature of the track it’s difficult to decide whether this is a complete diversion from the ‘late night indie synth’ sounds that made up a huge part of Pure Heroine. We have to bare in mind this is only a single piece to the puzzle of Lorde’s second album, which has been confirmed as being titled ‘Melodrama’.

Whether you love poppy club anthem Lorde, or you preferred the moodier Pure Heroine tracks, this is one artist who’s earned our patience. We’ll be waiting for Melodrama before we make any sweeping statements about an artist that completely revolutionised the music scene before she hit 18. Wherever Lorde wants to take her music we’ll gladly follow, with Bowie no longer gracing our earthly plain, we’re happy to see the next generation of excellently written pop begin to take shape and Lorde will undoubtedly be at the forefront of that movement.

You can listen to Green Light on our March Spotify playlist here.

Jack Holmes

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