Homeshake Interview

Homeshake’s latest album, Fresh Air, is as refreshing as the title suggests. An eclectic mix of RnB and smooth guitar, from one of the most unique sounds around. The man behind Homeshake is Peter Sagar, who used to play with Mac Demarco’s touring band but left on good terms to focus on his own music. We caught up with him to talk about his new album and the future of music.

Hi Peter, your new album, Fresh Air, features some distinctive artwork. Can you tell us about it? Does it symbolise anything?

All my artwork is done by my partner Salina Ladha. She’s my favorite artist in the world, but you’d have to ask her if there’s any symbolism in it.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in making Fresh Air?

Sketchy tape machine, we weren’t sure it would survive the tracking. Still works somehow.

Is there a track you’re particularly proud of?
Don’t really have any favorites.

You’ve used some pretty unusual samples in your music, like Dragon Ball Z and a Louis Theroux documentary about aliens. Do you have any specific reasoning behind the samples or do you just like them?

Some of them just sound good, a couple have particular meaning though.

Your tracks are on streaming sites like Spotify and Soundcloud- do you think streaming has helped or hindered your career as an artist?

Both. I’m thankful for people listening to my music regardless of what media or platform they hear it on, but I feel like streaming devalues the work a bit, you’ve got an unlimited supply but don’t own any of it, and the artist doesn’t get a fair cut. Not to mention having ads slipped in there.

More and more people are choosing vinyl over cheaper options like digital downloads or CDs, especially in the UK. How do you feel about vinyl re-emerging as a music platform? 

It’s nice, records are beautiful.

Do you ever find that the audience response changes depending on the venue or location?
Yeah, mostly depending on age restrictions. Teenagers pay closer attention.

Finally, who are some of your favourite British musicians?

Babyfather, Andy stott, Sade, Nadia Rose.

You can find details of Homeshake’s upcoming tour dates on his Facebook page here.


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