The Sherlocks, Oddity Road and Jordan Allen @ Manchester Albert Hall. 10.02.17

All images by Georgia Osborn

The Sherlocks returned to Manchester as part of a tour taking them all across the UK spanning 38 dates. A number of the dates across the tour have sold out including the band’s next show in Liverpool, but Manchester was one of the first to sell out. At a venue the size of the Albert Hall, with only a handful of singles released to date, it is an impressive feat for any band and only bodes well for The Sherlocks going forward.

sher-16The fact that they have only released six singles does entail a relatively short set list for the band, but this is only noticeable due to the size of the venue The Sherlocks find themselves playing. The type of artist that normally graces the stage at the Albert Hall tend to be more established within the industry, therefore meaning a bigger back catalogue to choose from when creating a set list. The Sherlocks’ set list feels a lot more well-rounded since the last time seeing them at The Ritz last year and this is something that will become stronger over time as the band build up a larger set.

sherlocks-5One new addition to the set list is the new single, Was It Really Worth It?, which the fans have already lapped up, sounding like a song that had been out for longer than the few weeks it actually has. While this song goes down well, along with older singles such as Live For The Moment, and a personal favourite, Last Night, it is in the unreleased songs like Turn The Clock and Blue which really show how far this band can go. Both of these songs, will probably turn out to be album songs but never released as singles. This shows me that The Sherlocks have a bright future because of these songs, especially Blue, are brilliant songs. In most cases, I find you can learn more about a band from their album tracks than you can from the singles. A good band make brilliant singles. A great band make brilliant album tracks.

sup2-edit-10The two supports on the night were Oddity Road and Jordan Allen. Oddity Road, like The Sherlocks, are a four-piece from Sheffield, have a live presence that suggests they will find themselves a place in this industry. Getting a support slot at a sold-out Albert Hall the year after forming is a good platform to get their name out. Jordan Allen was very popular amongst the crowd but the performance was lacking a level of stage presence. Each of the band seemed very much in their own space on the stage, focused on their own instruments. This is fine and it’s possible with more time spent gigging will come a level of confidence. It is clear this band have potential and they satisfy a demand in the genre as they went down well with the crowd, a commanding stage presence would really push them on a level.

The Sherlocks gigs will step on another level once their debut album is released, and with the band signing with Infectious Music, it may not be too long before that album is out. Until then, it would be advisable taking a chance to go and see them live before they truly take off.

You can check out our full album of images taken by Georgia Osborn here and more of her work on her blog here.

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