Single Review: Grandaddy – Evermore

Grandaddy are absolutely my favorite band, I’ve known them since I was quite young thanks to my Dad introducing me to them by playing them in the car so much when I was little. Even back then they amazed me and probably shaped my music taste to the eclectic mess it is today. They’ve recently released a few fantastic tracks from their first album in just under a decade, titled Last Place, and it’s all been brilliant so far. Way We Won’t was my favorite single to come out of 2016, A Lost Machine was a lovely track that actually very nearly brought me to tears and now they’ve released their latest single Evermore.

Evermore opens with a very punchy synth line that continues throughout the track which causes the song to flow incredibly well. Next, all at once, the rest of the instrumentation and vocals kick in with singer, Jason Lytle, singing the name of the song Evermore in his tremendous, soft, melancholy way. The song itself is distinctively a Grandaddy track, from the heavy bass in the background to the tumbling synth line that plays in the chorus to the haunting, ghostly synth that glides over the top of it causing it to be very much reminiscent of tracks off their earlier albums such as The Go In The Go For It from their 2003 album Sumday or their most recognisable song AM180 from their first album Under the Western Freeway.

The lyrics of the song talk of trees rotting on a road side and trash being tossed from a plane, Lytle admitted to NPR that he has “No idea what the song is about” but that he really likes “the imagery of sad dirty trees that live by the freeway and throwing stuff out of commercial airlines”. He then went on to say that he also likes the line “when remembering is what forgetting’s for” which I’d say most listeners will agree, is a pretty great lyric. He also spoke about how he’d been fascinated with the idea of creating a song that revolved around a repeating sound since he was a small child, he’d apparently had the synth line for Evermore for years before he wrote this track but decided to keep it until he was creating a new Grandaddy album.

Evermore has ramped up our excitement for Last Place’s eventual release. All tracks released so far have been absolutely sublime and I can only imagine what is yet to come. Last Place will be released on March 3rd on Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records.

Zac Gardiner

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