Zac Gardiner’s Top Singles of the year

2016 has been an odd year. A lot of tragedy, a lot of well-known celebrities deaths and a lot of political madness but there’s also been a lot of good, especially musically. There where a hell of a lot of great music released this year and it’s not looking like the wave of music will stop in the new year, but for now here are my top five singles from 2016.

tumblr_inline_ogh557ptqy1utxi7j_540The XX – On Hold
The XX are one of those bands that I love but I never properly followed. I own their first fantastic self-titled album but I fell away from them just before they released their second titled coexist. After a few years of being apart and Jamie xx’s successful solo run, the XX have reformed and announced their next album to be released in January 2017 along with the new track On Hold which dropped in November. This track is a move towards a more energetic XX, developing from their more ethereal synth sounds towards a more indie sound.

cj6uxdquoaer2eeThe Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra
The Avalanches are a band I only really got into this year. I heard their single Frankie Sinatra on Radio 6 when it was released in June and I really enjoyed it but never caught who it was by. Later in the year I found the group again thanks to a “Top Tracks of 2016” playlist created by Director of Scott Pilgrim vs the World and The Cornetto Trilogy, Edgar Wright. The song is The Avalanches’ first piece of new material in 16 years and features rappers Danny Brown and MF Doom.

e3c43867Radiohead – Burn the Witch

Radiohead released their ninth studio album A Moon Shaped Pool early this year, preceded by which was the much hyped single Burn the Witch. The track was hyped by news that it had been in development for over a decade, originally worked on during the sessions for their 2000 album Kid A. The name of the song was featured on the artwork for their 2003 release Hail to the Thief and then mentioned again in an interview with Thom Yorke in 2005. The lyrics were posted later that year and the band teased the song in part during performances in 2006 and 2008. It was then finally released on 3rd May 2016 and easily meets the fan expectations surrounding the track.

tumblr_inline_oghh8fppap1utxi7j_540Childish Gambino – Redbone
Donald Glover, Under his stage name Childish Gambino, Released his third full studio album Awaken, My love! this year on 3rd December but preceding that he released the singles Me and Your Mama and Redbone. These were insanely different from any work Gambino had released prior and were simply fantastic. Redbone was my favourite of the two, it’s such a smooth yet really odd track; the vocals are pitched up and quite sharp which is a strange addition to such a slow and funky song that tells a story of lust, love, reconciliation.

616d4c0da008d6f8daa251aa41b37073.640x640x1.jpgGrandaddy – Way We Won’t
Grandaddy is a band I grew up thanks to my dad’s quite eclectic taste in music. They’re one of the first bands I properly got into and they continue to be amazing even now. The indie band from Modesto,

California haven’t released a full EP since their last in 2006, titled Just Like The Fambly Cat but recently they’ve announced their upcoming album Last Place is to be released on March 3rd 2017. Alongside the announcement they dropped the single Way We Won’t which is up there with their best work, placing this as my number one single from 2016.

So that’s my top five singles for 2016, hope you all have a fantastic new year and see you all in 2017!

Zac Gardiner

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