Single Review: Run the Jewels – Talk To Me

By Josh Weavers

Talk to Me is the perfect single to build anticipation for Run the Jewels 3, managing to distill everything Run the Jewels embody into a tightly produced package. There’s the social commentary that the duo have made their name with since their inception in 2013, as well polished beats and “clips” knitting the tracks aggressive attack on, for the most part, racist America.

It’s not the only track the duo have released this month, with 2100 getting its release the day after Trump was elected. Talk to Me is certainly the better of the two, although 2001 is entirely focused on the threats posed against minority groups in America, Trump is still mentioned on Talk to Me, “Went to war with the devil and Shaitan/He wore a bad toupee and a spray tan.”

RTJ have yet to make a bad move in their career, and RTJ3 is shaping up to be yet another golden entry to their already rich catalogue of tracks. If you aren’t excited, you might want to check your pulse.

You can hear the new track here.

You can also find a playlist of the best new music from this month on out Spotify playlist here.

Jack Holmes

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