Single Review: Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

By Jack Holmes

We’ve heard absolutely nothing from the Japandroids duo in almost three years. Following touring their second album Celebration Rock they announced via Facebook that it was “time for us to disappear into the ether for a while”. They meant it as well, there were no posts on any of the band’s various social media, no murmurs from record labels and no public appearances of any kind.


This month we were surprised not only by the re-emergence of the Canadian rock duo but the release of the title track from their new album due out on January 27th titled Near to the Wild Heart of Life.

The title track of the album shows that Japandroids third album will once again take the band in a new direction, moving from the more calculated sounds of Celebration Rock to new territory featuring feedback-heavy, almost thrashy punk guitar riffs and bolder vocals.

We’re not sure if Near to the Wild Heart of Life will in any way resemble what we’ve heard from the duo in the past but Japandroids have managed to stick in our minds for over three years without actually releasing any new music. Any band that writes material that memorable has earned our ear for their third outing come January.

You can hear the new track here.

You can also find a playlist of the best new music from this month on out Spotify playlist here.

Jack Holmes

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