Punk Tracks to Listen to as you Flee a Burning America

By Jack Holmes

Tonight, we find out whether America has decided to wall itself away from outsiders in Pacific Rim style idiocy with Donald Trump, or if they’ve selected a corrupt career politician who’s in the banking systems pocket with Hilary Clinton. Yeah, we agree, she’s clearly the better choice, but if she’s only just managing to beat a Cheeto in a wig, you can hardly class her as a prime candidate.

But there is another option American people, and no I’m not talking about that crazy witch doctor that believes crystals can solve all the world’s problems at the Green Party or the guy who wanted to abolish virtually all divisions of government (yeah that one’s not even a joke) at the Libertarian Party. No, I propose you look to your neighbours in the North and make a well-needed evacuation before World War Three starts to kick off. Considering you’re here reading an entertainment magazine, you might be swayed by the promise of some great Canadian bands. Rest assured, they have an abundance but we’ve decided to focus on their punk bands to feed your politically disillusioned mindset. Enjoy.

Single Mothers
The modern embodiment of punk as a genre of music that brings people closer together than any other. The band play the kind of punk that makes you want to party with other like-minded, live in the now types, who don’t mind jumping around and sweating on each other when the situation calls for it. Between their formation in 2009 and 2012 the band went through no less than 16 members, and it’s often difficult to keep track of who’s in the band at any given time. With lyrics reminiscent of bands such as The Hold Steady and The Replacements, singer Andrew Thomson vents his frustrations on everything from religion to relationships. Their debut album, Negative Qualities, was released in 2014, and the band continue to power through tours, quickly earning them a reputation for their energetic live sets, not just the Canadian punk underground, but the punk underground as a whole.

Top Track: Christian Girls

Sounds Like: Circe, Drug Church, Lovechild

White Lung

A four piece punk band that’s 75% female, and 100% catchy as hell. Now signed to Domino Records and having released their fourth album Paradise in 2016 to massive critical acclaim, White Lung have just finished their tour of the East Coast of America, but it might be a little early to start hoping for a UK tour. If you like your punk a little more structured and less crazy, White Lung are the perfect gateway into the Canadian punk world.

Top Track: Face Down

Sounds Like: Iceage, Vapid, Eagulls


Releasing their near perfect debut in 2014, Pup have been the centre of attention when it comes to Canadian punk bands. They’ve been awarded two Bucky awards, been shortlisted by Rolling Stone as a “breakout rock act,” and long-listed for prestigious Polaris Music Prize. They released their second album The Dream Is Over back in May 2016 through the iconic SideOneDummy record label, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until we’re treated to some new material.

Top Track: DVP

Sounds Like: Beach Slang, Joyce Manor, Elway

Any band that signs to the prestigious SUB-POP record label causes a stir in the punk and grunge communities. Following in the footsteps of the iconic Nirvana, Mudhoney and Soundgarden is no easy task, but Metz have been more than proving their worth. Now, almost 20 years after the presumed extinction of grunge as a current genre, a punk/grunge trio appear on the scene offering what can only be described as a hybrid onslaught of noise. Releasing their second album, Metz ll, in February last year, the band have paved the way for a new breed of punk, spawning with it a new breed of grunge for a new millennia.

Top Track: Wet Blanket

Sounds Like: Dope Body, Viet Cong, Speedy Ortiz


Imagine if those early Foo Fighters albums were injected with punk soul directly from the 70’s. It’s catchy and beaty, yet manages to maintain a very punk, jerky feel. Along with Metz, the two bands are both at the forefront of a new wave of punk/grunge revival, where Metz lean towards the grunge, Greys are definitely further towards the punk. Every track is big, grand and loud, and isn’t that exactly what we expect from a punk band?

Top Track: Guy Picciotto

Sounds Like: Cloud Nothings, Metz, The Men, Foo Fighters.

So there you have it, why not flee across the border like the sane, rational individual you are, unlike you they’re more than happy to accept refugees. Actually, coming from Britain that’s a little hypocritical (save us from the Thatcher clone).

In all honesty, good luck to all you Murican’s, not just tonight but for the next decade, you’re going to need it either way.

Jack Holmes

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