Wonder Woman Gets a Second Trailer

By Jack Holmes

If you weren’t sold on the first trailer for Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting 2 this morning, then perhaps a new Wonder Woman trailer will get you to the cinema in 2017.

Featuring a mix of old and new footage (mostly new we’re happy to say), DC’s next instalment in it’s franchise will be the first Marvel or DC property since 2005’s Catwoman. Don’t worry though Wonder Woman is looking far more promising than the Jennifer Garner led Marvel project that received largely negative reviews.

Taking place in World War 1 the film will follow Diana, Princess of the Amazons leave her idyllic island home in an attempt to stop the war. We’ve already been introduced to the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice back in March, however the Wonder Woman film will act as a prologue to the events that unfolded in the film.

The previous version we’d seen of the character was confident and clearly battle hardened, yet this new trailer seems to show off a Diana with more innocent and naive traits. Whatever happens in the Wonder Woman film, is likely to be the reason for the character’s development by the time Dawn of Justice takes place.

Also starring Chris Pine and Robin Wright, Wonder Woman is released in the UK on June 2nd.

Jack Holmes

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