The Wytches – All Your Happy Life

The Wytches have come such a long way since their time headlining the tiny rooms of the UK. Through extensive touring, including a support slot under the Canadian kings of neo grunge Metz, it seems like The Wytches have been developing since the day their debut was first released, and now return with a refined sound to that proves yes, The Wytches can get darker and gloomier, and it sounds great.

The eerie winding sounds of debut Annabel Dream Reader can still be clearly felt here and All Your Happy Life feels very much like a natural progression for the three-piece, now turned four-piece with the addition of guitarist and keyboardist Mark Breed. Where Annabel Dream Reader felt a little disjointed, All Your Happy Life feels like much more of an album than their previous eclectic collection of tracks, that although were united by the bands distinct sound, didn’t always flow from track to track so smoothly.

From their opening track simply titled, Intro, which sounds more like a classic horror movie soundtrack sample, than the opening to an indie grunge epic with extra dashes of swirling psychedelia. Other stand out tracks include the core single of the album C-Side, that has an almost demonic grunge carousel feel to it, proving that you can incorporate just about anything you want into your sound if you’re skilled enough. Through the album The Wytches proceed to drag listeners through their distorted world of doom, gloom and distorted bass lines, and they sound more original now than they ever have before.

The album was inspired by a “lifetimes worth of new experiences”, including Tolstoy’s stories of dysfunctional relationships, observing small town English life and “loads of underground metal”. It’s a real mix of sources, and therefore unsurprising that The Wytches have been so successful in creating an album that stands out among the hundreds of bands out there trying to create something just as unique.

The albums certainly not easy listening, it relies on your concentration to truly enjoy each well placed synth note and bass chord, but if you’ve got the time and patience to give All Your Happy Life a listen, you’ll be treated to a technical masterpiece that hits all the notes Wytches fans could have hoped for.

There’s still an essence of the four-piece finding themselves in All Your Happy Life but this feels like a part of the album, rather than an accidental detail. This is a band that refuse to play it safe and create something we’re all deep down sick of hearing, The Wytches strive to create something unheard and fresh and that’s something that should be commended whether it works out or not. Luckily for them, it’s gone pretty well.

With a spot supporting the world class Jamie T this month, The Wytches have more than proven themselves to have a sound with enough technical strength alone for even the greatest indie stars of our time to take note. I’d say that’s a good enough reason for you to start as well.

You can find out more about The Wytches upcoming tour and second album on their website here.

Jack Holmes

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